Okay excuse my fat ugliness I am not as beautiful as Robert Downey Jr, but regardless….yay I got my fucking shirts! Reason I am posting on this blog  and not my main one is because this is my Robert Downey Jr blog…okay…good! I am so ecstatic! Yay! (oh and I posted the original designs cause you can’t see the one really well on me)

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    ay que linda♥…….ES MIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO -.-HAHAHAHAHAH! te lo comparto!
  2. downeygem said: You’re so cute!! I’m glad to see that they fit a plus size body.
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  4. sedatiiive said: pls girl you rock those shirts
  5. banzaiifoo said: shut up. no one is as beautiful as RDJ and YOU are frickin adorable. also I like your shirts
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  7. sexybadassdowney said: I love it! They’re perfect and you should wear them proudly! Don’t let anyone ever tell you differently!
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